founder :


Being a teacher with twenty years of experience, I have understood that the current education system is in need of a better methodology that could accommodate fun, with a focus for enhancing the final result of teaching. 

Through my various research, I understood that today's education needs a curriculum that highlights value system as it' s first priority.




  • MA,B.Ed.




  • Exceptional service (Lalaji Memorial Omega International School)

  • Appreciation for value based training 

About Infinite 

Our journey starts in the year 2014 April , with lots of love and support from our family ,students and all our well-wishers . Unlike other educational institutes, we had an urge to provide children with a learning methodology that fascinates them to learn more . Not only we focus on academics but we also found out that children nowadays lack the basic tool required for life, which are values, and we had to take a step for the betterment of our future society and so we created the MISSION AMBASSADOR program where we inculcate values in children along with academics.

Why Infinite?

We are a healthy learning space for children to experience activity-based teaching across various components of English – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Phonetics, Grammar and Writing.


Our aim is to channel the natural inquisition of children into productive learning, with emphasis upon behavorial, academic, social and emotional development of each child.


Our immersive pedagogy rests upon our core program – Mission: Ambassador, a way of creating students who are self-aware of their role in society, and actively work on becoming better leaders and citizens of tomorrow!

Mission – Ambassador

  • This project helps develop social skills among students while bringing out a cohesive nature among each other.

  • We seek to develop and enhance a value-centered module of assessing, incentivizing, and rewarding good behavior.

  • We introduce the program as a Game to the children, making the process fun. After all, that’s the most important thing a child can possess